Modeling the Ore body

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Production geologists use information they obtain from sampling, testing, mapping and observation to determine the most efficient and effective mining techniques, as well as to identify the grade (amount of mineral) in the ore. In gold and silver mining, grade is reported as grams per ton. Copper grade is reported as a percentage. It is important to know the grade to determine which rock is sent to the plant for processing and which rock is sent to the waste rock storage area.

By using this data and complex computer programs to more accurately define the orebody, mine engineers can determine mining methods, design blast patterns, design dig patterns, and maximize the safety and efficiency of production – as well as determine how the ore should be processed.

Geologists also use drilling and sampling data to identify wet areas. Water can cause major problems in both open pit and underground mines. If areas of high water content can be avoided or planned for in advance, we can reduce safety risks, costs and production interruptions.